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7th December 2003
2nd Sunday in Advent

To: William D. Prindle J.D., (Retired)
President Emeritus & Founder
Deuel Enterprises, Inc.

Dear Mr. Prindle,

I would like to thank you most sincerely for sending me a copy of the Third Millennium Bible, which I have found extremely interesting, as you will already know from my very dear friend and colleague, The Rt. Revíd. Dr. John Walter Gains, the Anglican Independent Communions, Bishop in the Americas that I am a Traditional Anglican having been brought up on the Authorised (King James )Version of the Bible and the Book of Common Prayer, both of which have withstood the tests of the time.

I have no doubt whatsoever, that you will understand that most, if not all, of the so-called modern translations of the Bible have left me feeling quite cold, as each one in its turn has only further eroded the divinity of Christ, and presented Him as little more than a mortal man. As a direct result of which, I have remained steadfast against them and I have instructed all the Clergy and Congregations under my direction that only the King James Version (Circa 1611) was to be used in any of our services.

However, I must now revise that instruction and advise them that the Third Millennium Bible is a wholly acceptable alternative. On the last two Sunday, I have used your Bible in Public Worship as I wanted to hear it clearly enunciated, and I am pleased to advise you that it was greatly appreciated by the members of the congregation listening to the readings on both occasions. I have also been through many of my own favourtie passages of scripture and read them aloud in my own Oratory at home, and have found that the very minor changes that you have made to the text have in no way detracted from the shear beauty of the pure English used in the Original Version.

Once again, may I thank you for kindly sending it to me, and if any part of this letter will assist with its promotion, then please do not hesitate to use it for that purpose.

With kind regards and Christian greetings,

I remain yours in Christís service,

The Most Rev'd. Dr. Norman S. Dutton
Archiepiscopus Grandis Britannia


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