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What others are saying about the
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» The Third Millennium Bible [aka New Authorized Version] is like a refreshing oasis in a desert of modern Bible versions. I have many, many Bibles, use them all. I have all the modern 'efforts' and have been SO pleased with the TMB/NAV, I will use it diligently in sermon and study and personal devotional time. Yes, it IS a mere updating, but what an updating! 

The capitalization of deity is excellent-AND needed; the archaic words eliminated-but NO textual meaning compromised; the beauty, flow and joy of traditional language-the absence of gender-inclusivity and other such modern disturbances. The TMB/NAV has real craftsmanship in manufacturing and the single column format, the lettering and size make it stand far above all others. Those who minister from the pulpit will really appreciate the single column format and physical size and weight of the TMB/NAV. 

Those of us who rarely use the Apocrypha/Deuterocanonical Books should NOT be 'turned off' by the inclusion of them in this edition, those books CAN sometimes hold useful information as well. Remember, the first editions of the King James Version included these books and Baptists and others had them in their Bibles in the late 1600s-mid 1700s.

I almost exclusively use the 'inductive' method in teaching, preaching and study and the absence of study notes, commentary and 'man's opinion' is an added plus.

The original chapter summaries from the 1611 King James Version editors are extremely helpful without bearing down on the Scriptures intended meaning. As a self-educated, 'regular blue collar' pastor I highly recommend it! All in all a superb Bible I will recommend to fellow ministers and all fellow pilgrims!
--Pastor Brian Pruett, Calvary Baptist Church, Morrilton, AR

» modern translations of the Bible have left me feeling quite cold, as each one in its turn has only further eroded the divinity of Christ, and presented Him as little more than a mortal man. As a direct result of which, I have remained steadfast against them and I have instructed all the Clergy and Congregations under my direction that only the King James Version (Circa 1611) was to be used in any of our services.

However, I must now revise that instruction and advise them that the Third Millennium Bible is a wholly acceptable alternative. On the last two Sunday, I have used your Bible in Public Worship as I wanted to hear it clearly enunciated, and I am pleased to advise you that it was greatly appreciated by the members of the congregation listening to the readings on both occasions. I have also been through many of my own favourtie passages of scripture and read them aloud in my own Oratory at home, and have found that the very minor changes that you have made to the text have in no way detracted from the shear beauty of the pure English used in the Original Version.
--The Most Right Rev'd Dr. Norman S. Dutton, Metropolitan Archbishop, Anglican Independent Communion in the British Isles & Europe, Cheshire, England (Archbishop Dutton's full letter)

»"The best thing about the Third Millennium Bible is that you have maintained your commitment to publishing Bibles that adhere to traditional Biblical language. In a politically correct age such as ours, a version of the Scriptures that avoids the pitfall of inclusive language is most welcome.

I have a great love for the historic liturgy, and find that your editions of the Scriptures perfectly complement the beauty of the liturgy and its great canticles. In a dignified and stately manner, the Bibles you produce point the reader unfailingly to the Savior who is the heart of the Scriptures. Thanks for keeping a classic edition of the Bible (AV) alive for today's readers."
--Rev. R.A. Abernethy, Mt. Olive Lutheran Church, Newton, North Carolina

» "…[I]t preserved the noble language and dignified cadence of the traditional KJV, changing only those words that are incomprehensible to most educated readers of today. The relatively few words that have been updated are those that have disappeared from the language or that convey a meaning substantially different from the meaning generally understood in 1611. …Otherwise, except for this small body of words, this version is identical to the venerable 1611 KJV, maintaining the beauty and majesty of the splendid original. …Traditional versions of the Holy Bible are to be preferred over street-language versions."
--Father James Thornton, Russian Orthodox priest, California, published in The New American

» "…We most highly commend the Third Millennium Bible as a masterpiece of English literature and would further its study and use by the faithful of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tawahedo Church and by all congregations affiliated with the historic traditions of Ethiopian Christendom, the sole, authentically African Christianity."
--Princess Esther Sellassie Antohin, Chief Executive Officer, the Imperial House of Sellassie

» "It is so good to have a part in your efforts to promote a non-sectarian Bible and the traditional Greek text of the New Testament."
--Dr. Paul E. Bellino, Pastor, Atlanta's Church of all Nations, and Associate Professor of Bible, Atlanta School of Biblical Studies

» "I want to express my profound admiration of your two remarkably accurate Bibles … It should be noted that the Third Millennium Bible does, in fact, historically represent the original King James Bible, which also contained the Apocrypha.

In our Jerusalem facilities and in our North American and African ministries, these Bibles have indeed become our preferred texts in all our teaching and research in the English language. We find they speak to the heart of the English believer with a greater fidelity of witness than any other Bibles we have ever used. Souls have been led to a closer walk with the Lord through the beauty and majesty of the Word of God presented in these Bibles. With every fiber in our being we recommend to the English world these two most faithful witnesses to the overwhelming love of our heavenly Father."
--Dr. Charles Bryant-Abraham, Director for the International Development, the AMI Jerusalem Center for Biblical Studies and Research, Jerusalem, Israel, and Associate Editor of Restore!, the quarterly journal of the Restoration Foundation, Atlanta, GA

» "The Third Millennium Bible is the fountain pen of Bibles! Truly, it handles and reads like a fine writing instrument. It is majestic, yet understandable. It is complete since it includes the Apocrypha/Deuterocanonical books. …Reading this Bible will equip you for reading the Christian classics since they were often modeled after KJV English.

Pick up this fine Bible. Go forward by going back to a Bible that sounds like God's Word. Its words flow like a fountain pen. It will slow you down. You will have to take time to read God's words. This Bible will change you! Your mind will never be the same!"
--The Right Reverend Michael B. Davidson, Bishop, Central Province of the Charismatic Episcopal Church, Cathedral Church of the King, Olathe, Kansas

» "This work is unique for two main reasons: it restores that lofty English that has been lost with the newer translations, and it includes all the books from the original Authorized Version. I am thrilled that the Third Millennium Bible includes the Deuterocanonical books. This will provide an alternative for all Catholics who are unable to purchase a Bible that does not use 'gender-neutered' language.

The preface's brief discussion about the meaning of the Word of God versus what the text actually says is right on target. This is the heart of the controversy and answers the conundrum why there is so much resistance to keeping what the text says versus what modern bias thinks the text ought to say."
--Father Stephen Zigrang, Catholic priest, St. Andrew's Parish, Channelview, Texas

» "The Third Millennium Bible is being universally and enthusiastically acclaimed by Orthodox bishops, priests, monks and scholars of all Orthodox jurisdictions both old and new calendar. This is a traditional Bible that every Orthodox Christian can trust. It should be in every Orthodox home and church."
--Author and publisher Frank Schaeffer, Regina Orthodox Press, Salisbury, MA

» "I was greatly impressed with two things: the capitalization of pronouns that refer to Deity and with the retention of the 'Thee'.… This can really have an…effect on the proper understanding of the Bible. So, praise God. And Glory to His Name for your proper preservation of 'Thee'."
--Russ Hughes, Bible teacher, Greenbush, MI

» Each time I read the Third Millennium Bible, I can appreciate more just how much laborious work you have gone through in this work of updating the King James Version. Words cannot express my gratitude to you all for such a wonderful job you have done. In a day where innovation, fame, and self-centeredness is valued, updating is a rather thankless task. Yet you have not succumbed to the temptation of so many to try to re-write the masterpiece that is the King James Version, but only to update it. Such familiar King James words such as "thee" and "thy" are retained, as are the words "Holy Ghost". By seeking only to make an outstanding translation better for our day, you have shown a respect not only for the KJV translation, but for the Sacred Scriptures themselves, a respect sorely lacking in modern translations.
--Warren Forgay, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada (For more of Mr. Forgay's biblical insights see his essays A Note on the Translation and Notes on Inclusive Language.)

» We wanted to take the time to send you this e-mail to tell you and all those involved with this effort that we can't stop thanking Our Lord that we have such a wonderful and complete bible (Third Millennium Bible) to read. The background information that comes with this bible and site is inspiring and energizing. I can only hope and pray that this bible and site will be around for another millennium or whatever time Our Lord gives this world. It is an undescribable joy to read this bible and this is coming from an extremely conservative individual. Keep up the excellent work and may Our Lord keep you and all yours in his care and provision. God Bless,
--Dave and Elsa Kocjancic

» "This translation preserves the traditional text, with its flowing cadences and elegant turns of phrase. But it updates words which have radically changed meaning over the centuries. It uses modern standards of punctuation, making the text more accessible to modern readers. The result is a thoroughly practical, while totally traditional, translation of the Bible. We use it for the readings in all of our services."
--Father Andrew, Orthodox monk at St. Michael's Skete, Cañones, NM, and editor of DOXA

» I'm just writing to tell you how pleased I am with the Third Millennium Bible. I own and use over 30 translations preparing for my adult Sunday school class, but the TMB is truly excellent and unique. The updating is subtle enough that I feel like I'm reading the beautiful and powerful KJV, but it really is much more understandable, and without the compromises or inaccuracies of many of the modern versions. It's a wonderful devotional Bible too, causing me to slow down and really think about what I'm reading. Thanks for a great Bible!
--Pastor Mike Mandel, Pentecostal Minister & Adult Bible Teacher, Toronto, Canada

» I find the TMB to be an accurate - and complete - update of the Authorized Version of 1611. The beautiful "Bible English" of the Authorized Version of 1611 is retained. Most importantly, this TMB update contains the Apocryphal and Deuterocanonical books that were a regular feature in the Authorized Version of 1611. The layout, printing and binding of the TMB are superb. If you are a fan of the great English-language Bibles of the past, like the Wycliffe, Coverdale, Geneva, Bishop's - and of course the original Authorized Version of 1611 - you will be overjoyed with the magnificent words of the TMB, this is truly a God-and-Christ-inspired book for the third millennium.
--Robert Sprague, Nehemiah House, Petoskey, MI

» The TMB correctly and completely includes all the original 1611 King James books and verses, and excludes none. The significant change from the original is in readability. ...the TMB does not change God's Word on the status or role or behavior of Scriptural persons; instead it simply updates the year 1611's Old English words describing 'things' to the year 2000 and with no 'mansmithing' of God's Holy Word.
--William S. Hollis, Ph.D., J.D., Brigadier General, U.S. Army Infantry (Ret), Dean of Cal Poly U School of Business, 1980-85, Author: The Character of Christ, Lexington , South Carolina

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